Five ways a Facebook Ads Strategist will boost your business

Advertising with Facebook Ads can be a brilliant, cost-effective and targeted way to reach more people and make more sales through Facebook, Instragram and beyond.  Billions of people around the world use these platforms – and your customers are out there too!

Can’t I just do Facebook Ads myself?

Facebook makes ads look soooo easy – did you know everyone with a personal Facebook account automatically has an ad account?  

At a basic level, it’s super-easy to boost a post or create an ad, hit publish and then wait for the amazing results to roll in…

Except it’s often the ‘amazing results’ bit that’s harder to master.

There are SO many variables when creating your ads and your audiences and so much data to interpret once your ads are running.  

Not to mention making sure that all the back-end stuff like your pixel, landing page and funnel are set up correctly and optimised to get you the best results.

Throw in the added hurdle of Apple’s iOS 14 changes and it’s enough to make you go and need a lie down!

Outsourcing your ads to a specialist Facebook Ads strategist is a big leap to take.  So what difference will it make? And is it really worth the extra investment?

Well, if you want your ads to work harder for your business, the answer is a great big fat YES!

A professional, specialist ads strategist will make a difference in five very important ways:


They’ll make sure you’re set up for success

A good ads strategist will put in the groundwork to set your ads up for success – saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

They’ll get to know you, your business, your goals and your ideal customer.

They’ll ask you about your customers’ average purchase value and their lifetime value so that, together, you can set a realistic budget to bring in that business.  No more wasting money!

Your ads manager will make sure that your Facebook Business Manager, Ads Manager and Event Manager are set up properly, and that your landing page is on point.  They’ll check your pixel and make sure that everything is optimised so that your ads’ performance is being tracked as accurately as possible (see iOS 14 again!). 

They’ll audit your previous ads’ performance and look at how well your website and landing pages are converting.  You could have the best ad in the world, but a poor landing page can mean your good work will go to waste.

The result? When your strategist starts to run and test ads, the process will be quicker, clearer, cheaper and more effective.


They’ll find new customers  

A good ads manager will put a lot of time and care into researching and building the right audiences for your ads.

First, they’ll look at ‘warm’ audiences – people who already know your products and services, such as your website visitors, mailing lists and people who connect with you on Facebook and Instagram.

Then they’ll create ‘cold’ audiences (people who are likely to be interested in your products or service) to seek out completely new customers, wherever they may be – sometimes in unexpected places!

But that’s not all…


They’ll bring back lost customers

Is there anything more frustrating for your business than an abandoned cart?

It can be soul destroying to know a customer got so close to buying your goods, then bottled out at the last minute.

But, with the help of a good ads manager, all is not lost.

They’ll retarget customers who leave precious goods languishing in their basket – and the ones who got to your landing page and didn’t sign up – and give them a good reason to take action.

In other words, they’ll round up lost customers and bring them back where they belong!


They’ll make your ad budget go further

 Facebook and Instagram ads are all about testing, and it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Your ads manager will test different images, headlines, copy and calls to action to find the best combination to resonate with your customers.  They’ll also compare different audiences. 

This enables them to find the most cost-effective ways of reaching the right people and getting them to take the actions you want them to take.

They’ll report back to you regularly, so you know where your money is going and the impact it’s having. 

Plus, they’ll cut through the Facebook fog and give you all the info you need in jargon-free language.


They’ll know what to do if things go wrong (and when they go very right!)

So your ads are bringing in business – and then they stall.  Or perhaps costs start to edge up. It can be a worrying time.

But fear not. Your ads strategist will be confident about troubleshooting these issues as they arise. 

They’ll be able to diagnose a problem and fix it so that your money doesn’t disappear down the drain.

A Facebook Ads expert will be able to make recommendations to improve your existing campaigns and for optimising future campaigns.  If you’ve never run ads before, or your business is new, your first campaign can be invaluable as a learning and testing process

And what about when things go right?  How can you build on that success?

Your ads manager will know how to scale your ads – whether by increasing spend on the ads that work best or broadening the campaign to bring in a wider range of people. 

And, of course, they’ll test everything they do at every stage, making sure they’re making the right decisions to get you the best value from your ad spend.

Facebook Ads Management from Makeover Marketing

I don’t dabble in Facebook Ads.  I’m a Facebook Ads strategist trained by some of the best in the business from around the world.

I’m a member of several global networks of Facebook Ads experts, keeping up to speed with the latest developments in Facebook ads and sharing best practice.  So, when you work with me you benefit from a whole world of expertise, should your campaign need it.

Whether you’ve never run ads before, or you need a fresh approach, I can help.

Facebook Ads Management – from £500 pcm